SIP Trunk setup with OnSIP US

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Leighton Brennan

New Member
Oct 7, 2017
Has anyone ever setup a SIP trunk to OnSIP in the US. I have fusionpbx setup to register to their service and it is registered and I can make calls etc however when I receive a call from OnSIP Fusion responds with a 404 no route.
I can see that on the gateway registration it registers to a domain and we have to use a proxy and realm of so the FROM and TO domains are for the registration however on a pcaket capture on inbound calls the calls are showing the FROM and TO domain as which is most likely why I am anuable to match the route.
Has anyone ever come across this setup and do you know how I can get around it.
I tried adding to the access controls for "domain" but made no difference. Also also added their IP address.

Any ideas
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