Stripping 1s from Inbound DID Numbers Globally

Hey Guys,

I'm currently look into how to get FusionPBX to strip the 1 from the carrier DID's during inbound calls:

Currently the Inbound destination from the provider comes as 1XXXXXXXXXX. I would like the server to strip the 1, so when I configure the destinations on the server I can configure them without the 1.

Is there away to do this globally that would apply to all domains ?


Staff member
Look at the mod_translate module, I do not know but it may be integrated into the gui on the latest release, I'll have to spin one up and see, have a look in the tips and tricks section there is something related to it in there.
Is there a way in FusionPBX to make it execute some dialplan logic before Inbound routes are executed. In FreePBX, you can add custom logic before the FreePBX logic is executed. I'm looking for some hooks that allows me to add dialplan logic. Any thoughts?

I'm not trying to hijack the thread, but help clarify what @Courtney G is trying to do since I spoke with him offline. He's really looking for a way to insert some dialplan logic before the FusionPBX logic kicks off. FreePBX provides hooks into their framework that allows for this to happen. Does FusionPBX have this? If so, Courtney could put the logic to strip the 1 in there. So, FusionPBX would just see numbers without a 1. Hence, allowing him to create destinations with only 10 digits.

Sorry if I wasn't clear initially with what I was trying to say.