SOLVED T48S-SFB (Skyper For Business)


Dec 18, 2018
Hi to all, I ordered a T48S from Amazon Italy and I got a T48S-SFB (Skype For Business).
Thinking it was a seller mistake, I ordered another T48S but I got a Skype For Business phone for the second time!

The hardware revision is the same of other T48S phones I own (, but the firmware is different and the sip login is missing.
I tried to flash the standard firmware and another Skype For Business firmware, anyway I am stuck on firmware version

Does anybody know how to "convert" a Skyper For Busines phone to a standard SIP phone?


Release Notes of Version "[...] Any Skype for Business will not be allowed to downgrade to the Open SIP from this release. [...] Once upgraded to the latest Skype for Business, it will not be allowed to downgrade to the previous Skype for Business version."

EDIT 2: Solved by flashing the recovery firmware via TFTP.
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