T54w issues

It is difficult to speculate what you may be doing wrong, when you do not say what you are actually doing. I hope this helps:

Make sure you have set and enabled the Yealink time zone in Advanced->Default Settings.
Screenshot from 2020-02-14 05-12-23.png

Have you set up the BLFs in the keys section of your device config...
Screenshot from 2020-02-14 05-14-59.png
Ok thank you. I did not realize i needed to change the time zone in provisioning for the yealink.
As far as the line keys go i have the keys set. I went and Downloaded the y000000000096.cfg and see that the system is correctly changing the template yet the phone does not seem to accept the changes.
I did notice that there is a separate setting in default setting>provision for a yealink provisioning url. Is that needed? Or should the main provisioning handle this?
I was able to get the keys to provision once i Factory reset the phone and then provisioned it. My issue is... Is that the case of how its done? If so , that will not work. making Changes to the device tab then Pressing the provision button at the top of the screen 1581699934911.png Does nothing. I get Green confirmation but nothing happens.
Ok Another update...
I was able to get the phone to update keys correctly using the provision button.
I found this hidden gem in Default Setting>provision
It is enabled by default so when you log into the phone and turn it off like instructed in the Auto Provisioning guide, and then provision your Phone, it Auto turns it back on therefor breaking it. I have set this to false But the phone auto turns trusted certificates back on every time it provisions. Looks like the only way around is to get an account for RPS with yealink.
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