Time condition Breaks

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Dec 1, 2020
In a previous post I was having trouble creating a Time Condition that needed a lunch time destination same as after hours destination. One of the members here kindly provided an example where he did something similar. I was able to accomplish what I needed from that Time Condidtion (701) and proceed that with another Time Condition (700) that provides the holiday destinations. I was still in the testing phaze and not deployed. all this worked with my test phones and no inbound DIDs. I add a Call Flow (280) and still tested ok. Then we deployed it with incoming destinations pointed to Time Condition (700.) That seemed to break the chain. all calls went to the afterhours destination. I had other issues where I had to create another Call Flow (281) as a destination from Call Flow (280) to send day mode calls to a ring group that calls an external number. I got that working with the DID destination set to Time Condition 701. As soon as I inserted Time Condition (700) ahead of Time Condition (701) it breaks and uses the afterhours destination during business hours. I am posting screen shots of what I built hopefully in the correct order. If anyone can spot what I did wrong and correct me I would be most grateful.


  • Time Condition 700 1.png
    Time Condition 700 1.png
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  • Time condition 700 2.png
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  • Time condition 701 1.png
    Time condition 701 1.png
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  • Time Condition 701 2.png
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  • Call Flow 280.png
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