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Hi Guys,

I have been trying to get a T21P E2 to boot a config from a tftp and I am struggling.

Im using a RPI as TFTP server, Mikrotik RB3011 DHCP Option 66 set and point to IP of TFTP server and set in network.

What I would like to achieve is the phone grabs Provisioning url and creds for fusion install and then fusion provisions all the lines and other settings.

I want to make almost a pnp senario for a client and i dont wanna to manually set up all the phones.


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I apologize resurrecting and old thread but looking at yealink's rps options, it doesn't look like they support using any kind of authentication with the provisioning server. Can you confirm if this is in fact the case? I assume this would be a deal breaker for most so I am scratching my head a bit.
Yealink RPS Admin Guide
The only thing that the Yealink RPS server does is redirect to your own servers, its nothing more fancy than that. It basically says can I have the URL of the provisioning servers for mac address xxxxxxxxxxxxx.