Variables not evaluating

I have a clean new fusionpbx install.

Outbound SIP calls via a gateway are not working because they are inviting the internal IP. SIP Profile external ext-sip-ip is set to $${external_sip_ip}

Variable external_sip_ip is set to an outside address 202.x.x.x

The variable won't evaluate correctly in fs_cli. A test variable won't evaluate at all.

I suspect variable handling is broken, but not sure how to debug this. How do vars get from db to freeswitch?

freeswitch@fones> eval $${external_sip_ip}           <<< naughty, should be external ip

freeswitch@fones> eval $${testpexy}
-ERR no reply       <<< naughty, should be test value 123
Digging a bit deeper, file /etc/freeswitch/vars.xml is not being written.

On another system, any changes to Advanced/Variables are written to the above file on save by the FusionPBX web interface.

On this problem system, that file is not being updated.


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Would be useful to know what operating system this is and how FusionPBX was installed.
Default Settings you should check category Switch look for subcategory conf type dir value /etc/freeswitch and enabled true.

Next make sure the web server has permission to write to the /etc/freeswtch directory. That should be enough to fix it. Unless its CentOS and SELinux is preventing it writing to the file system.
/var/www/fusionpbx/app/vars/var_edit.php calls
save_var_xml(); in

Which seems fairly straightforward code, but without any error traps or logging.
Fantastic Mark

Web Interface::Advanced:: Default Settings::Switch::conf was indeed blank.

OS is Debian 8 via LXC on Proxmox 5.2. Install was done by one of my team, because I thought it was a straight forward task. Not sure how he did it or messed it up.

Yes, permissions ok and checked, owned by www-data.

Thanks for the very useful lead.


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If FreeSWITCH is running and you deleted the blank settings in Default Settings::Switch then you can run Upgrade -> App Defaults and it will make a request for information from FreeSWITCH to add the correct information to Default Settings. This is an easy way to get a wayward system back on track. After you get the correct values click on the Reload button on the top right. chown -R www-data:www-data /etc/fusionpbx/config.lua so that it can be updated and then run Upgrade -> App defaults this should rewrite the config.lua with the updated information. Then restart FreeSWITCH with service freeswitch restart.