What changed??

About a month ago, we provisioned a couple droplets on Digital Ocean, used the recommended 8.10 versions of Debian, ran the script on FusionPBX.com's website, and BAM! it worked as clean and magically as anything I've ever seen. Now, I see the recommended OS is Debian 9 or FreeBSD, and there has been an update to FusionPBX. I no longer get the clean magical experience. Has anyone else had this issue? The install just hangs and silently aborts.

My initial experience was overwhelmingly positive... This feels VERY open source. lol.
Don't know what's causing your problem but can confirm that I have installed latest version on Digital Ocean using Debian 9 with no problems.
That's so bizarre.. Our first time installing we chose two digital ocean servers, one on the east coast and one on the west coast. This was about 2 months ago, so we chose the Debian 8 image as it was recommended at the time. It was the easiest thing I've ever seen. Choose image, click OK and your server spins up in a few minutes. Connect via SSH using Putty, paste the install script directly from FusionPBX.com and 5-10 minutes later the install is complete and I'm logging into the web interface!

This most recent attempt was totally different. When running the install script on Debian 9, we were receiving errors for directory not found, we were getting hangs during installation and just a generally much less confident experience/feel. We re-imaged the server and ran the install several times and the results were repeatable.

I've been busy with other tasks, but I intend to blow away the server and try again fresh and see if we have the same issues. If so, I will document them better and take some screenshots.