Which Queue?


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Hi Guys,

I currently use 3cx and testing fusion to see if it could be a replacement.. Im sure it can, although I'm struggling with stuff thats really easy in 3cx.

Im using Queues as an example, and the documentation seems really difficult to find. So queues then - do I add a queue, or a call centre queue? Ring groups are straight forward and work, but adding extensions to a queue seems overly complicated and not intuitive to understand.

Is this a fair question or am I being thick? Im new, and trying to learn about Fusion, but feel its not accessible for some reason.

Many thanks



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You picked the worst thing for an example App -> Queues either needs to be updated or removed and I'm the one that wrote the GUI for it many year ago. In FusionPBX App -> Queues is rarely used. In fact that page just makes a dialplan that calls FreeSWITCH mod_fifo. If you want to use mod_fifo then use a dialplan and follow the FreeSWITCH documentation. https://freeswitch.org/confluence/display/FREESWITCH/mod_fifo

People use a Ring group for something really simple and Call Center when you want to use a queue.
Work is going on a new Call Center but have a ways to go to finish it.


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Thanks Mark, So I should use call centre for now.. I feel like I've got so much learning with this platform. Im testing with Zoiper which works for QR codes etc, but even with the paid push function its not working. Push that is. I'll keep going and hope I can make it work.