Working SMS Integration

It was a BDR DDL issue replication causing this database lock. Somehow this was the reason the table could not be created. I dont think this a possiblitity regarding standalone install. What is the PostgreSql version running in your system? Mine is 9.4.
Hello Edson,

I am using version 9.6.5 . Maybe I have some bug elsewhere. I am going to attempt a fresh install to see if that does better.
I'll just put this out there for those of you attempting to use this module:
I alluded to an issue in the original post, where on some softphone clients it would duplicate the message 120+ times. It will then usually crash/freeze the freeswitch process. It turns out, this was not a problem with the softphone client. It is a problem with Freeswitch. And apparently, not even with the SMS module itself. This bug report indicates that it is an issue with the underlying handler. In spite of the lack of any apparent definite resolution to that bug report, we have only replicated the problem under 1.6.x versions of Freeswitch and not 1.8.x, so it looks like the problem has been fixed. I believe @MTR has also experienced similar results.

Unfortunately, our production systems are currently running 1.6.x, so we have had to disable the module while prepping a transition. There are some complicating factors that make this transition difficult, which I won't go into.

Suffice it to say that I strongly recommend that if you are considering using this module, make sure that you on Freeswitch 1.8.
Here's a follow-up: We've now rolled out upgrades on our servers to Freeswitch 1.8. While we are not seeing the crash/freeze in the Freeswitch process as mentioned previously, we are still seeing the duplicated messages (120+) when the message is sent to an invalid or unregistered extension. We have had to disable local sends to avoid this, because we are now running down another possible memory corruption problem that we suspect is deriving from this. This means no on-net, ext-to-ext chatting. If you are using a version of my chatplan, above, the relevant part now looks like this:
                <extension name="other">
                        <condition field="to" expression="^(.*)$">
                                <action application="set" data="final_delivery=true"/>
                                <!-- <action application="send"/> -->
Ideally, the lua script would handle both sends, and would have a way to check to see if the extension is registered before attempting the send. That would be an ideal upgrade.