Yealink T53

Hey All,

I've got a Yealink T53 that is auto provisioned on Fusion PBX version 4.5.6 and Switch version 1.8.4 (64bit). This phone is suppose to ring first but, it is ringing straight to the find me follow me destination instead. Time Condition, then extension, then eventually follow me, if the extension is not answered is what is supposed to happen. When we changed the call flow to Time Condition, then a Ring Group, that rings the extension, then a Ring Group that rings the cell phone, only the extension rings, never rings the cell phone.

The ideal situation is have a Time Condition that goes a Ring Group that rings one extension and if that one extension is not answered after x amount of rings, it needs to ring a cell phone destination. For some reason the both situations described above give us one result or the other. Hope this makes sense one what we are looking for here.
4.5.6 is fairly old at the rate the development team has been working lately. There has been a lot of changes to follow-me. It is documented in the members documentation or you can look at commit history.

You should be able to accomplish what you want with just a ring group and delays or proper follow me settings.

With Freeswitch, there are usually multiple ways to get a call to end up how you want.