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    Kamailio/FusionPBX and Microsoft Direct Routing Integration

    With all the respect and in my humble opinion, if you guys add the amount of hours invested trying to hack your way down through this configuration, paying for AnyNode or Audiocodes alternatives may actually be less expensive.
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    Connecting FusionPBX and Freepbx

    You have better chances of getting help if you say things like: "this is what I see in the logs", "my environment is different in X, Y, Z", etc. I notice that people in this forum are very kind and helpful (for the most part) if they see you have done your homework. So, do you have any logs?
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    play_and_detect_speech: speech or DTMF

    Hi all, I am trying to use play_and_detect_speech so the caller can either say their choice or press a key. It works fine for speech but I have not been able to make it work for tone detection. This is what I am sending (with LUA)...
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    Cannot upload large Wav File as a Recording

    Yes, that is very true.
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    Membership access to Multi-Master cluster documentation

    I could not agree more. We ended up moving to use Audiocodes. I still use freeswitch/FusionPBX for my side projects/education because i like and enjoy them but we were not successful in getting enough confidence to put them in production.
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    Membership access to Multi-Master cluster documentation

    @itia, I do not think you will get an answer to your question. I asked something similar a while ago directly to the office and I was basically told that I had to become a member to find out.
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    Cannot upload large Wav File as a Recording

    Or you can simply us the "back door" and upload it through WinSCP or anything simmilar.
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    play_and_get_digits no input vs wrong input

    I am writing a LUA script using freeswitch play_and_get_digits. The code is quite simple: local caller_input = session:playAndGetDigits(min_digits_allowed, max_digits_allowed, max_tries, timeout, terminators, audio, audio_on_invalid_input, pattern, caller_input, interdigit_timeout); It...
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    Voicemail templates variables

    I don't see why it does not worlk. I even tested your link in my template and it works.
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    Voicemail templates variables

    Hi @leandrodes87, that is actually quite straightforward. In the html email template itself (Advanced --> Email templates) simply add html code adding the image. I do it myself with: <img style="float: right;" src="https://url_to_your_image" alt="Description" />
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    Installing OpenSIPS & Kamailio is....

    I am sorry to hear that @TimGuyUK but I am also a bit happy for I thought I was the only one having problems with it. I figured I was just stupid and could not get it - which is still possible. I got fed up at some point but I recently found this tutorial. I meant to give it a go but I haven't...
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    Kamailio/FusionPBX and Microsoft Direct Routing Integration

    @KonradSC , I do have experience with Audiocodes <--> Teams but without FusionPBX in the picture. I have done Avaya <--> Audiocodes <--> Teams. It works almost out of the box, you definde the SIP trunks on both ends and that is it really. Audiocodes already has an option where you tell it it is...
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    Docker - Initial Setup Postsql Credentials

    That Docker probably has an older version of FusionPBX. Do not use it. Better to stick to the standard Debian install. Install it and better post here what problems you have with calls if any.
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    Voices in Spanish

    Hola Sergio, As usual I am not sure if what I did was the best way to do it but it worked for me. In Spanish you are going to find two sets of voices: Maria and Mario. No one will tell which one is better and the configuration for either is half baked in freeswitch. Since you are in Argentina...
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    Homer 7.7. Install for FusionPBX

    Hi all, After playing with Audicodes (which already come with their own nice monitoring and traffic capture system) for a while I wanted something similar for my FusionPBX boxes. I installed a test server and figure I would share the process. It would help anyone looking for the same and also...