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    Moving DB to Azure Postgres

    Hi All, Has anyone had any experience in either installing a new instance of FusionPBX (pointing at a remote DB server), or backing up and restoring a pre-existing FusionPBX DB to an Azure instance of Postgres? Any hints / tips etc. would be greatly appreciated! Thanks, Bruce
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    PostgreSQL version 13 supported?

    I just installed a new Debian 11 then ran the FusionPBX install script. I now have PostgreSQL 13 installed. Should I downgrade or should the script have installed PostgreSQL 11?
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    SOLVED Postgresql WAL problems

    Hi Guys, Not sure if this is the right place for this question. I am running FusionPBX 4.4 with postgresql 9.4 BDR. I am running into a problem where my second server is running out of disk space. The biggest files are the WAL files for postgres. On my main server I can see the oldest file...
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    Postgres BDR EOL

    With Postgres BDR end of life this month is there a recommended way to continue doing Multi-Master replication with Postgres?
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    Issues with HA configuration

    Debian: Stretch FusionPBX: 4.4.8 FreeSWITCH: 1.10 I have installed the software as per the instructions provoided by When I enable the the following settings In switch.conf.xml <param name="switchname" value="freeswitch"/> In callcenter.conf...
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    CDRs slow? Experiencing crashes when accessing cdrs? Add indexes to v_xml_cdr!

    If you have issues with slow cdr tables, then your going to want to make sure you have indexes added to the v_xml_cdr database. It is quite likely yours does not, depending on when you installed. See the gist here and whack those into your fusionpbx db...
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    Issues with creating tables when trying to install lcr and billing

    I am trying to install OKAY LCR and Billing in my fusionpbx. But I am having trouble creating proper tables. The fusionpbx does not seem to create the proper table names and fileds on its own. Can anyone please help if they know the correct table structure or share their own table here if...
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    FusionPBX on Freebsd

    Hi, I was trying to install FusionPBX on a FreeBSD jail using the instructions found here but encountered some problems. First of all with the installation of Postgresql: it needs allow.sysvipc=1 setting for the jail to successfully initiate. After that the user/role creation failed with ERROR...