Billing for FusionPBX

I have billing on separate servers. Integrating would be relatively easy but pointless IMHO. If you are planning to saty very small then maybe but other than that you will outgrow a single server so you may as well start out with something scaleable.
Maybe I am looking at this wrong but I was thinking more as using FusionPBX GUI for configuring things like the vars.xml, default settings , etc. Not for using ASTPP billing just for calling the local FusionPBX server. I see comments from people mentioning they are running FusionPBX and ASTPP on the same server so I am trying to figure out how to do that. No comments anywhere how to integrate the two. Not looking for hand holding, just general idea what needs to be done.

Do I need to use the FusionPBX freeswitch/conf directory or the ASTPP freeswitch/conf directory? They are both quite different. Use differnet lua files, different SIP profiles etc. I copied all the lua files to the same location but there does not seem to be a way for both to be the default xml handler.
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Pyfreebilling looks interesting. However, I don't see a WHMCS module for it. CGRates gives me a headache everytime I look at that project. I'm sure it works well once you get it working. Maybe overkill for a lot of people. I like the fact that ASTPP is written in PHP and has a WHMCS module.

Evaluating PYFREEBILLING I was thinking "woow thats nice: Python, Postgress and Django" just everything that I love, but when I looked at CGRates totally makes feel like I was living in 2008 with ASTPP.
CGRates demolishes them all both in performance and features.
One thing I really like about ASTPP is that I can tinker with the code. I have made several modifications for my own needs. It's actually pretty easy to trace through the logic and modify if you know a bit about PHP. Fusion is not bad either.

With CGRT, I can't do that and if the person maintaining that project gets hit by a bus I am SOL.
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