Freeswitch 1.10


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The installer script as it is now will fail I think. I had to make a couple of mods for myself. mcrane may have fixed it by now. As to whether it will work flawlessly, who knows, that's what testing brings.
Installed fusion now on Debian 9, and FW 1.10 installed by default. (FS 1.8 repo) is containing FS 1.10 files?

Check that. Is that right?
Package: freeswitch
Version: 1.10.0~release~11~7a921c608b~stretch-1~stretch+1
Architecture: amd64
Maintainer: FreeSWITCH Solutions, LLC <>
Installed-Size: 2660

In that case, how can be FS 1.8 forced to be installed on Debian 9?
Thanks in advance!

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Yes - suffering from same issue, FS appears to now require Buster and so far I have not been able to correctly get Fusion installed and FS running, either as prior version or V1.10 on Buster. Tantalising I see mention that its possible and would be very grateful for a mini-how-to to achieve the same if possible. Thanks Magnus