FusionPBX automatic start Sofia SIP profile


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Its highly likely that there is no problems with the sip profiles starting but instead what is happening is that freeswitch is starting before networking is fully up. We nailed this an age ago in Debian but here lies your problem when using a non-recommended install, its not maintained and tested.

Use Debian, it will work fine.
Appreciate your response and totally get it. However, I am stubborn and really like to know why things are broken especially when some of us don't get the option as to which OS is run in the clients data center. You gave me enough of a hint however and I solved the issue.

Freeswitch service config has improper service dependency

Default --> After=syslog.target network.target local-fs.target postgresql.service
Changed to --> After=syslog.target network.target local-fs.target postgresql-9.4.service

Now it starts properly and accepts sip registrations after a reboot as expected