Outbound route for group of extensions only

Please make a change, select the order of username condition and use something less than destination condition. For eg if order of destination is 10, Select order of username condition 5 and select break on false. And try it

Try the same change for toll allow.


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Hi rbrar , your solution worked perfectly :), Thanks a lot for your support, so right now I am doing :
Condition Username 3219988|3215620|3219999 on False 5
and it is working fine,

but I was wondering if I could do it in extension level too, it would be great, then I can use {toll allow}, because with the above implementation my list is growing up more and more.
Hey @mos, glad i can help. You can also use condition like everything starts with 321. Reserve the 321XXX for all the users, you want to use this particular route.

Try the same change of adjusting the order in the outbound route with the Toll Allow, i believe this is the right way.
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Thanks a lot, the toll_allow worked too, I really appreciate your support,

one more question, let say I have 10K extension, 6K exist on my PBX and the other 4K are exist on another PBX node, but I have defined all 10K on my PBX, now if there is local call from one of the extension exist on group A to another extension on group B(on different PBX), how I can create condition in case call fails in my PBX then route it to the bridge which goes to second PBX ? (a simple condition check if the extension not available on my PBX then route it to second PBX )
@mos . Sorry, i am not following your question. You have 6k extension on one PBX (PBX A) and 4k extension on another pbx (PBX B). What do you exactly mean defined all 10k on my PBX (A, B or ???). Is it possible if you can explain the scenario little more, i am uncertain about what you want to achieve?

if you want to use two PBX in parallel, create an outbound route to each other and set condition based on the dial strings.