Rejected by acl "domains"

I am a complete noob with FusionPBX so any help would be much appreciated. Extension to extension works and dialing out works.
When I try dialing in I get this error:
[DEBUG] sofia.c:10092 sofia/external/ receiving invite from xxx.xx.xx.xx:5060 version: 1.8.5 -6-31281a0bf1 64bit
[DEBUG] sofia.c:10263 IP xxx.xx.xx.xx Rejected by acl "domains". Falling back to Digest auth.
I have searched for help and tried most of what has been recommended. I have ensured that my sip provider details are in Access Controls.
The problem seems to be that the provider is using port 5060 and that Fusion is expecting it on port 5080. Where is the correct place to change this setting?

Thanks in advance.
I went to Advanced->Access Controls->Nodes
I did flush the cache but it made no difference.
On the sip status page it shows external as port 5080 and internal as 5060. I read somewhere that this causes the incoming call to be routed to 'Internal' if the provider is using port 5060. Unfortunately I did not find the fix for this.
Thank you for that.
I changed it to domains. According to the logs the call is being accepted.
Now I just need to re-investigate my inbound routes and extensions because sngrep shows...
Reason: Q.850;cause=3;text="NO_ROUTE_DESTINATION"

I have an inbound route and and extension which it should send it to.
I clearly have something else wrong... worst part is that the extensions were working and now no more.
I clearly broke them while trying to sort inbound