Snom Provision Server

Ok I try to make an example.
I have my fusionpbx with some domain configured, one domain is called demodomain. I set a dns to response with ip of my fusionpbx server.
So when I make a device I set extension, in server I set demodomain, in proxy I set and all other parameters that is need to make a correct registration. So when Snom make a provision the xml change provision server on the phone and replace it with demodomain instead of so the phone can not make some provision in the future.
Once you have configured the domain in fusionpbx, you will also need to create an 'extension' and a 'device' which includes the device's model - fusionpbx isnt (currently) able to infer what the device is so it needs to know ahead of time (it would be possible to infer many devices based upon their http agent).

The 'extension' then needs to be assigned to the 'device'.

You might then need to adjust the device's template in order to suit your needs.

I rewrote the snom templates from scratch, which allowed me to get what i was after on snom 710's and snom 720's that I have in use.