[Tutorial] Creating a two node FusionPBX cluster the easy way.


So just to be up to date on my note since I tested DigitalDaz HA script last year, An HA script is available if we are a member on FusionPBX website? I'm really looking forward to being a member within a few days if I can get confirmation about an HA script or installation tutorial being available!

We will be deploying FusionPBX surely so HA is a must for us if we can transfer away from our current software.

Thanks in advance for an answer!


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Yes the FusionPBX members get access to videos of previous training for Admin and Advanced classes and the documentation that goes with those. That includes instructions for multi-master replication for the database and file system and many other things to scale and provide a great experience to your users.
Hello guys,

I have an issue. After a master disaster recovery, data can be write/synced in just one direction Slave to Master. All the changes made in Master database will not be replicated to Slave. What can be done to restore it? Regards!
Nothing at all. With BDR, last write wins, so if they have resynced, the state you have now is the final one.
Thanks a lot!
I was able to restore Master and Slave to the state before Master disaster. But now i am facing some freeswitch data conflict on Slave postgresql Logs. what can be done to restore this Freeswitch data sync? Regards!

2019-05-12 21:07:18 UTC [17488-852] [unknown]@freeswitch CONTEXT: apply UPDATE from remote relation public.sip_registrations in commit 8/D1048E90, xid 6593672 commited at 2019-05-12 21:07:18.560747+00 (action #14) from node (6593351633762540988,1,16386)
2019-05-12 21:07:18 UTC [17488-853] [unknown]@freeswitch LOG: CONFLICT: remote UPDATE: could not find existing row. Resolution: skip_change; PKEY:


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Clearly, you haven't restored exactly and now you are in a worse position with a conflict, you shouldnever restore over BDR in my opinion.

I you have a good copy of the data I would now tear down the BDR cluster and restart from scratch and then restore your data to one of them.