SOLVED Yealink T33G ending up with "No Account" when provisioning...

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SOLVED. Leaving here for others with similar challenges :cool: .

My dns provider (Cloudflare) sets the A+ records as proxy'd by default. I finally realized that, when proxying my dns via Cloudflare, the dns service hides my actual IP address for security reasons. This obviously causes my provisioning not to work, being unable to find any responses, only knowing the "secure" ip adress, instead of my actual server IP.

I set the dns records to "DNS ONLY" on Cloudflare, and purged all entries. Once it started resolving, my actual static IP became visible, and the phones started provisioning, and the accounts registered!


Good day all. Wanna thank you guys for a great blog, learnt a heck of a lot about fusionPBX over the last few weeks. I have to move my clients to FusionPBX MT, seeing that they are no longer prepared to pay the extreme licensing of another platform, just to have recordings enabled :-(

I have been at this for 9 days flat. Seriously! I have re-installed FusionPBX about 21 times, learling so much in the All good, I think I have finally got my head around it.

I am running the newest version of FusionPBX on Debain 10, and done all the initial setup exactly as described on

I have not been able to register a device that becomes available. I have:
  1. enabled provisioning in default settings
  2. disabled http_domain filter in default settings
  3. enabled http_auth in default settings
  4. added credentials for http_auth user and pass on domain level (copied those settings across per domain)
  5. checked that the provision file is available on
  6. factory reset the Yealink T33G
  7. created a device in the domain, and added the device to the extention using the correct http_auth credentials
  8. ran the auto-provision on the phone, after disabling the cert setting
  9. the phone receives the file, and configures everything exactly as it should... barring one crytical setting somewhere....
It always ends up with NO SERVICE !! I must have studied the entire www, and watched every single FusionPbx YT vid, no answer to this. Guys, I will even pay someone here if you can assist me please....


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