Yealink T33G No Red Lamp Status


New Member
Oct 10, 2022
Hello All. I just deployed Yealink T33Gs for the first time recently and noticed that the line keys do not use red. Registered stays unlit, in-call is solid green, monitored is solid green, ringing is flashing green. I would expect at least in-call or ringing to be red. It's not a communication problem, the lights are responsive, there is no blocking or delay of SIP messages, it's just this model of phone for us so far. We've deployed many T54Ws and various models of Snom without this status color issue. It's usable but I would like consistency. Looking at the Yealink admin guide I am not entirely sure where LED color is set or the parameter. Why this is not default is odd to me though. Has anyone had this problem or perhaps know where in the provisioning Template I might push a change to the LED color? Thanks!