1. jpyle

    BLF shows only when extension places an outbound call, not receives inbound

    Hello, I'm on FusionPBX master (just upgraded) with FreeSWITCH 1.8.7 (also just upgraded). I have a Polycom VVX and a few Cisco SPA phones generally working well on the system. Both a SPA and the VVX have BLFs configured to watch other extensions on the platform. When the target extension is...
  2. Tricom114

    Conference Room BLF

    I have a client that would like to have a few conference rooms as BLF soft keys. They are using Cisco SPA 5xx phones. I can set the rooms up as softkeys, but they would like the key to flash if the room is currently being used. Is this possible on Cisco, Polycom, or any phone?
  3. simcard

    Agent status & BLF

    Hi guys, Testing Call Center Queues with agents for the first time; going well so far and queues are all working and agents log in/log out fine. What we're now trying to achieve is to use one of the buttons on the Yealink's to show the anget's queue status (available / not available) using...
  4. C

    BLF Call Park w/ Grandstream 2170 & 2140

    Hello, I was wondering if anyone had ever configured BLF Parking with FusionPBX either with a Grandstream phone or any other phone. I have One-Button parking working great, but I would like to be able to see the status of a park slot on my phone. Currently, I have a Grandstream GXP 2170 and a...
  5. C

    Presence (BLF) over IPV6

    Hello, trying to get presence/BLF keys working. They seem to work fine over IPV4, but not IPV6. I've checked the internal-ipv6 profile, manage-presence is set to true. I tried changing it to passive and setting dbname=share_presence (per the wiki) but that didn't work either. Any other ideas?