Agent status & BLF

Hi guys,

Testing Call Center Queues with agents for the first time; going well so far and queues are all working and agents log in/log out fine.

What we're now trying to achieve is to use one of the buttons on the Yealink's to show the anget's queue status (available / not available) using BLF.

We already have a button set-up that logs an agent in an out; we'd like to use that same button for agent queue status/BLF. If that's not possible, we can use another key for BLF/status (we have sidecars for each phone, so plently of spare keys).

Is it possible to use BLF for agent status within a call center queue? Has anyone attempted / succeeded with this and can offer any pointers?



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I have definitely done this, cannot remember how but I definitely had BLF, and still do at one of my clients, if I remember rightly though I could not do it on a single button, I think I had top button showing status and bottom button doing the actual login/out.
Yeah I got the button that does login / out via DTMF tone and adds a pause then inputs password. Not very sleek but does the job. Seems too messy adding a different button just for the BLF though, I'd probably prefer a web app?


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Can't remember what I did, just looked at the lua that sets it, its this:
                --set presence in - turn lamp on
                        if (action == "login") then
                                event = freeswitch.Event("PRESENCE_IN");
                                event:addHeader("proto", "sip");
                                event:addHeader("login", agent_name.."@"..domain_name);
                                event:addHeader("from", agent_name.."@"..domain_name);
                                event:addHeader("status", "Active (1 waiting)");
                                event:addHeader("rpid", "unknown");
                                event:addHeader("event_type", "presence");
                                event:addHeader("alt_event_type", "dialog");
                                event:addHeader("event_count", "1");
                                event:addHeader("unique-id", agent_uuid);
                                event:addHeader("Presence-Call-Direction", "outbound");
                                event:addHeader("answer-state", "confirmed");
So that looks like you would be subscribing to agent_name@domain_name
Thanks Daz, you are a legend. The only issue I had was the agent name was the same as the extension number so it was not working correctly.

Once I changed the agent name to something different, then set up the BLF with agent_name@domain_name it works a treat.
I managed to get them to turn on with above method but they only show logged in for a few minutes then go off, they will come back on when the user logs off and back on again.
I'm using version 4.4.3