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  1. A

    Set Daily | Total And Concurrent Call Limits on Call Center or Queue

    Hello, I want to set a call limit on Ring Groups where i can allocate Daily incoming calls, Total Incoming calls and set the Concurrent LImit to the call center or Queue. How can i do this ? Also how do i get the report of a call center queue?
  2. M

    Uppercase UUID problem with Call Center

    When we create a call center from FusionPBX, it creates 2 sets of call centers and agents. One set with lowercase UUIDs and another with uppercase UUIDs. Only the uppercase set works. This problem is similar to what mutt referred to in thread...
  3. J

    Error when clicking on Agent status

    Hi, When I click Status->Agent Status I get the following message: Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Cannot use string offset as an array in /var/www/fusionpbx/resources/functions.php:1074 Stack trace: #0 /var/www/fusionpbx/app/call_centers/call_center_agent_status.php(113)...
  4. simcard

    Agent status & BLF

    Hi guys, Testing Call Center Queues with agents for the first time; going well so far and queues are all working and agents log in/log out fine. What we're now trying to achieve is to use one of the buttons on the Yealink's to show the anget's queue status (available / not available) using...
  5. Aryn Nakaoka

    Call Center Reporting

    What programs do you use for call center reporting?
  6. U

    Call center module not refreshing users

    Hello Running FusionPBX 4.3 and I'm able to add users into call center queues but when I delete they are still in the queue list and recieve calls. I have flushed memcache and also reboot server to no avail. Adding more and more users works fine. It's simple trying to remove users that is not...