call center application need help

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Nov 6, 2019
Hello Everyone.
After long time i came back to the fusionpbx project. i am setting up a pbx for a friend of mine who has pizza restaurant.

i crate 2 extension 101 and 102
and we have a DID number which is working perfect in the fusionbox

what we looking to achieve is.

Customer call the Main DID number from the mobile phone and its answer by server and he listen the welcome message.
and when the message finish then all the extensions need to ring. (i mean all the available extensions)

I think we can ring the extensions for 30 seconds and if no body answer then the caller will listen another message which says we are very busy..... and i have that recording which is 11 seconds duration.

and after 11 seconds the extensions need to ring again.

i tried the ring group but there is issue with the ring group.. like if both extension is busy its hanging up the caller call.

if both extension is busy then the caller get disconnected. but i need to keep the caller in queue.

thats why i think the call center will be best.

i have installed the latest version. 5.0.1

can someone guide me what should i do?

Not open for further replies.