Email to fax fusionpbx

hello everyone
i have questions please :
does fusionpbx support ( Email > Fax ) & ( Fax > Email ) ?
how to setup email to fax service both ways in fusionpbx ?
i just installed a fusionpbx on debian 8 (sending fax by gui is ok ) ( i cant recevie fax from outside) whats is missing ?
thank you guys
Yes it does support both. You setup email in the advanced section of the fax server setup. There is also a PHP file you must run regularly to check for new emails to fax out. Below is a link to the Fusion Docs on the Fax Server setup but its missing a ton of information right now. There are also a couple posts on the forum here about a few tweaks/etc.

The script you need to run to download emails is:
Thank you tag915 for your reply
yes i configure the fax server and i can send and receive fax from (gui) and also the fax to mail service by setting smtp configs in defautls but how to setup the email to fax ?

You set email-to-fax up in the advanced section. However you also need to run the script I mentioned previously to process the inbound emails. The script basically downloads the emails from the mail server inbox and processes any that are faxes. You can add this script as a cron job to execute regularly but you can also manually run it by accessing it in your browser for testing. Again the path is:


Honestly email-to-fax needs some work. Processing the emails doesn't seem to be very efficient. If you have a high volume it will tax the server a bit and takes awhile. We are looking at ways to help with that issue and I know the Fusion development team has the Fax functionality on the list of "need improvements".

With that said though, it does work very well for receiving. We have a server recceving thousands of faxes per day without issue.
Mark, Do you all have an eta and is there anything specific you need help with? I know it currently works but very poorly and it can't handle any actual volume. I would be interested in helping and/or possibly sponsoring it?