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    98.50% [WARNING] mod_dptools.c:1867 [inbound routes] 404 not found

    Hello Team, Sorry if this was handled here already. I have installed fusionPBX on an Ubuntu VPS being hosted on Contabo. When I dial any number, I receive the following error " 98.50% [WARNING] mod_dptools.c:1867 [inbound routes] 404 not found " I am not sure what is happening as this is...
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    Fusion PBX API

    Hello Is there any fusionpbx API. Or any API documentation?? to create Android App Thank you
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    Unable to access django server on debian running FusionPBX

    have a Debian server running fusionPBX, I installed it using this official script. It uses nginx to host the application, I tried adding another server (Django) in the config file of nginx to support another server that's running on the same machine. Still, I can't access the Django server. I...
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    Inbound route

    Hello, Now this problem is happening that whenever I call the fusionpbx it says that this extension is not available please record your voice after the tone. I think there is a problem with the inbound routes.. outbound route working perfect. Is there any suggestion please let me know how can...
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    Set call limit in fusionpbx

    Hello, How can i set Call Minutes limits in fusionpbx in every single domain. Please let me know !!
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    Login page image

    How we can change login page background image in fusionPBX.??
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    Minutes in fusionPBX

    how can we see minutes in fusionPBX how many minutes we have done it. And can I put minute restrictions on each domain in fusionPBX?
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    fusionPBX logo

    In fusionPBX how do we put a logo on every single domain? Just Like: www.domain1.com www.domain2.com These both are different domain in fusionPBX. How we apply different logo in different domain? Please response as soon as possible. Thank you
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    Echo problem

    Actually i am suddenly having echo problem in fusionPBX I don't know why. As Fusion received 10 calls, 2 or 3 of those calls have echo and other call are perfectly working. Also I talked to my SIP provider. My sip provide is telling me to turn off the parameter of echo in your system, is there...
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    Click to Call (Real CLICK) Not right click select call

    Hi Guys I've just spent time to iron out a Click To Call functionality my clients are asking for https://github.com/jadsy2107/ClickToCall_FusionPBX
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    invalid target uri in NOTIFY - missing "sip:" prefix

    FusionPBX Version: 4.5.27 Switch Version: 1.10.7 (64bit) OS: Debian 10 Hi all, I'm facing a really strange problem with invalid NOTIFY messages. More precisely, it's about the target URI in the xml body. It sometimes happens that freeswitch does not send a "sip:" prefix there, which...
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    Outbound route 483 too many hops

    I can't seem to find any documentation to raise the max-forwards from 6. Any help would be appreciated.
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    Increasing call ringtime on ring groups. Currently fixed at 1 minute.

    I am really hoping I can get some help with this. I was trying to set up a ring group with a rollover strategy. This ring group is supposed to have 3 extensions ringing sequentially while skipping busy extensions and then looping around when the last extension is reached. I gave each extension...
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    How to integrate vTiger Crm in fusionPBX

    How we install and configure vTiger CRM in our fusion PBX system. is there any documentation??? And second thing vtiger support multitendance or not just like fusionPBX?? Will vTtiger crm be working for all domains once we setup.?? Or we have to setup vTtiger crm separately for each domain In...
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    Hello I have a issue with my inbound calls becausa are denied by my server. I response with SIP 403 Forbidden. This my internal configuration profile (internal and external has the same configuration with autonat:public_ip). The issue is only with the inbound calls, outbound call work...
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    Time-out destination to a ring group

    Hello, I would like to know how to set a time out destination from a call park to a ring group. I looked and I know it's in the dialplan manager options but I don't know what condition to put in valet_park.
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    Registration issues while trying to register with AudioCodes hd420/430

    Hello We are running multi tenet fusionPBX which is hosted in a server farm. We are trying to register AudioCodes to one of our domain and the phone registration failed while trying to register with fanvil or YEALINK phone work like a charm. We setup a local installation of fusionPBX and...
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    No ringback for incoming calls

    Hello everyone, for some reason I have no ringback tone when someone calls into a DID. As far as I can see it could probably be a early media problem? Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks.
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    FusionPBX 4.4 CDRs cause problem when turn off 407 authentication calls

    Hi all, I'm trying to run OpenSIPs with FusionPBX becasue our FusionPBX seem to have some problem when reaching about 400 concurrent calls, the biggest problem is FreeSWITCH doesn't response to any SIP message, but service FreeSWITCH still active and FreeSWITCH port still open. SIP model is...
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    SOLVED Call detail records not showing on new server installation

    Hi there everyone - I recently created a new fusionpbx server using Linux- Debian 10 ISO. I added 3-5 multi tenant domains which work perfectly. I realized yesterday that I could not see the CDR on any of the domains (Aside from one). I have done the following: 1. Restarted freeswitch 2. Went...