1. J

    Remote extension behind NAT question

    I have a remote extension behind NAT and I can get it to make calls but there is no audio. If I enable rport on the remote extension I am able to get audio working. Is there any way to make this happen on the FusionPBX side rather than the extension? Would be nice to only have to modify a...
  2. R

    Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 134217728 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 45056 bytes) in /var/www/fusionpbx/resources/classes/database.php on

    Hey can anyone please guide me about this? am getting this error while exporting CDR i even check that file there's nothing i find related to this memory issue? Anyone here can help me with this?
  3. K

    Fusionpbx Install on existing freeswitch

    Hi All, i want to know if fusionpbx can be installed on existing working freeswitch. as per install docs, Fusionpbx installs freeswitch with it. i want it otherwise. basically, i have working freeswitch but need GUI interface for users to control Conferences like look at active conference...
  4. S

    404 NGINX AutoProvision issue

    Currently, I am having an auto-provision issue from a client site. I can get other phones to auto-provision just fine, but from this one site it won't work. When I go to https://Contoso.Org1.com/app/provision/index.php?mac=805ec0874454 from the client site I receive NGINX 404 error. but if I go...
  5. R

    Strange Case

    Hey experts, i have three FusionPbx and all of these are hosted on different on Cloud Platform (Amazon, Linnode and Vultur) but am unable to register phone on any of these "Registration error 408 Request Timeout" any idea?? no firewall is enable i even tried fail2ban and restart but nothing is...
  6. R

    Connection To Event Stock Failed

    Hey experts, idk what error is this i installed new fusionpbx and after sometime when i was about to add SIP Trunk i was facing issue, Can you please tell what is this?
  7. R


    Hey experts, i am trying outbound call with TWILIO i have configured my Gateway and outbound route but when i try to call i get this "Normal_Temporary_Failure", i have attched call logs down below. Any idea what it could be?? Local SDP: v=0 o=FreeSWITCH 1582497704 1582497705 IN IP4...
  8. R

    What is Fusionpbx web interface?

    "Agents can login to call center with *22 from the phone (hardphone or softphone) or via the FusionPBX web interface", can anyone please explain this line like what is fusiuonpbx web interface, i know agent login from softphone or hardphone in call center but how in fusionpbx web interface? like...
  9. M

    Forward / routing loops, full database connections

    Hello, I'm using Fusionpbx 4.4 and struggle a bit to get call groups setup properly. I have a callgroup with ext. no. 100 and some members. If some members are forwarding their direct calls to ext. 100, they get called by the group again and redirecting again too the group. Is there a way to...
  10. A

    Unable to configure outbound calls to PSTN

    Hi I have configured FusionPBX on ubuntu machine with two network interfaces - One interface is connected to WAN/Office LAN and other is connected to SIP LAN network. I created new internal SIP profile so that the freeswitch makes connection to both my network interfaces. I am able to receive...
  11. R

    switch_core.c:1642 Cannot locate domain

    Hey experts, am getting this error idk why because in ACL domain i can see my domain IP is already added idk what it is can someone please tell what it could be ?? Any help would be appreciated
  12. R

    Fax not working

    Hey experts, am trying to send fax but whenever i, click on send button i get the error "Err_call_rejected", i check your thread and added IP in ACL but nothing work for me I attached SS of both ACL and fax log, and btw i set up all this one ec2 Debain 8 so it could be error?? @DigitalDaz
  13. E

    Vtiger FusionPBX Connector Follow Up

    Has anybody been able to get the connector referenced here to work using vtiger 7.1.0 by any chance? I'm not having much luck so far. I spent many hours this past week learning as much as I can about FusionPBX and Vtiger because of that post. It's a bit of a learning curve coming from PIAF...
  14. J

    Issues with HA configuration

    Debian: Stretch FusionPBX: 4.4.8 FreeSWITCH: 1.10 I have installed the software as per the instructions provoided by https://github.com/tannermkerr/HA-fusionpbx When I enable the the following settings In switch.conf.xml <param name="switchname" value="freeswitch"/> In callcenter.conf...
  15. N

    Poor gateway audio quality

    I set up a few local and external sip endpoints and they work fine. Then i tried to configure PSTN gateway (i'm using openvox, it's in the same network) and audio quality for remote side is very bad, voice sounds more metal, but local extension sound is good. endpoints codec - 722,alaw,ulaw...
  16. cengbrecht

    Brand new install Debian 9 - Outgoing call - Instant busy - Polycom VVX410

    Hey Guys, Its me again, :p I am setting up a new server because I have some glitches I have no clue where they are from, so: New server, Debian 9 (On Azure) Fresh install of latest FusionPBX - Free install 2 Cores 4GB Ram 30GB HDD space Main Question: All my outgoing calls from my polycom...
  17. V

    Guide to configure FusionPBX with ASTPP

    I was wondering if anyone has produced a guide to configure FusionPBX with ASTPP? My providers SIP trunks should be configured within ASTPP as I understand it with all the other configuration set up at the FusionPBX end. External calls would be sent from FusionPBX and would terminate after the...
  18. K

    [ASK] Call Broadcast

    Hi, I'm trying call broadcast feature on fusionpbx, and it works well. I found several things, 1) if we do call broadcast and we reject the call, the call broadcast will try to call again after 15 sec since rejected, repeat 3 times before state sleep. 2) if we do call broadcast and we dont pick...
  19. I

    Laggy inbound calls + recording

    Hi, Can someone help me - I have configured FusionPBX + Dinstar GSM gateway. But after setting 10 phones - audio on inbound calls started to be laggy (talking like with a robot). I fixed it with "bypass_media=true" but now it dont record those calls. What can I do with it?
  20. M

    Email to fax fusionpbx

    hello everyone i have questions please : does fusionpbx support ( Email > Fax ) & ( Fax > Email ) ? how to setup email to fax service both ways in fusionpbx ? i just installed a fusionpbx on debian 8 (sending fax by gui is ok ) ( i cant recevie fax from outside) whats is missing ? thank you guys