1. rusguns

    Any fix for Caller ID Format in Call Forward and Follow me?

    Hi to everyone. I am getting issues with the domestic calls regarding the Caller ID in Call Forward.... When I am receiving an incoming call in my DID the call has the ok format E.164, but when I setup the Call forward it is not ok, It sends the call without the country code and my mobile...
  2. J

    Recordings not showing up for users

    Hi, I am configuring a new user on FusionPBX and am giving permissions to the user for the recordings to be viewed played and downloaded, but the recordings are not showing up (see notShowing.png) however when I login as the superuser the recording is there (see showing.png). How can I get this...
  3. I

    SOLVED Inbound - phone number [GSM + FusionPBX]

    Hi, I need help.. I achived to configure my set DINSTAR GSM + FusionPBX - but I have some problems. My softphone show GSM Extension number as calling number [It shows that 1000 is calling and when try to recall it it calls 1000] 2018-11-09 11:58:43.369656 [INFO] mod_dialplan_xml.c:637...
  4. C

    DISA issues

    Hi Guys, Wondering if anyone could offer some assistance. I have a client that has FusionPBX installed and asked me to configure a bunch of features for them. I come from a cisco background so was a little lost but managed to find my feet. The one outstanding issue was a request to have...
  5. R

    Bridging Jitsi-Meet to Fusion PBX

    Wondering if there is a feature to invite another party to a conference using a telephone number configured on FusionPBX. Trying to connect or integrate the Jitsi to Fusion PBX, so that accounts created on the PBX can login and join the conference. Anyone who have an idea how this works?
  6. I

    CDRs slow? Experiencing crashes when accessing cdrs? Add indexes to v_xml_cdr!

    If you have issues with slow cdr tables, then your going to want to make sure you have indexes added to the v_xml_cdr database. It is quite likely yours does not, depending on when you installed. See the gist here and whack those into your fusionpbx db...
  7. P

    Cisco SIP Phone Register with IP instead of FQDN

    We have Cisco 8945 IP phones with SIP load SIP894x.9-4-2SR3-1 loaded on it. When we register the Phone to FusionPBX we see the phone try to register with the IP address and not the FQDN. If I build the extension on the Public IP domain we are able to register and the phone works perfectly. I...
  8. A

    Video Calls Not Working Over WiFi.

    Hello, I have installed Fusionpbx on a server and i have made the changes in the variables to allow video calls, Now the problem is with i call via WiFi i am able to receive the call but the video is not being displayed, at the same point of time with i use my Mobile Data (LTE / 3G) the video...
  9. X

    FreeTDM configuration using FusionPBX

    Dear All Just wondering do we have any app(open source or commercial) to do FreeTDM configuration in FusionPBX ? FreeTDM module can be used to enable TDM functionality in Freeswitch. I think currently Fusionpbx does not have any such module so wondering does TDM functionality in FS is not...
  10. K

    Call Broadcast Issue

    Hi, I do test call broadcast to extension after create an ivr but got some issue. Steps to reproduce: 1) Create 2 extension, 1001 (for ivr) and 2001 (for user) 2) Create basic IVR 3) Do Call Broadcast to extension 2001 Actual results: 2018-08-23 15:39:39.966905 [DEBUG]...
  11. A

    Call Drop on eavesdrop usage.

    Hello, I am receiving call drop as soon as i connect to an extension to listen / barge or Whisper. Currently i am using it like this, i am dialing *33(extension number) and i enter the pin with # as soon as i do that my call gets disconnected. 2018-07-10 17:49:58.598114 [NOTICE]...
  12. G

    Step by step setting multiple interfaces, LAN, WAN IP to listen Bind address FusionPBX

    Good days I have a server in cloud server. I can register devices to the WAN IP but NOT to the LAN IP, Before, this problem was ever in this forum. I was try add ip internal in sip profile and reboot. But cannot run. Anyone please step by step this problem. Thanks
  13. I

    Ring Group not Working

    Hey Guys, Maybe somebody here can be kind enough to assist... I have a fusionpbx install with 4 extensions under 1 of the domains, If I set the inbound route to dial a specific extension, when I call in. it works... As soon as I set it to a ring group which calls all extensions simultaneously...
  14. G

    Remote extensions does not register via 4G internet

    Hi Guys, I have a FusionsPBX on AWS. Few Polycom handsets on multi tenant setup are connected to it. Works really well. Due to some Internet Outage on a site using ADSL, I'm trying to connect 2 Polycom phones via a LTE Router. I live in Australia and I'm using a Telstra as the Mobile data...
  15. P

    Send SIP notify from dialplan

    Hi all Can anyone tell me if it is possible to send a SIP notify message to the caller from within the dialplan manager? Thanks
  16. I

    How to debug FusionPBX Gateway

    Hey Guys, I am a bit of a noob with FusionPBX but have found quite a liking in it... I am used to FreePBX and have now moved over... All of my SIP accounts are registering perfectly except for one. This SIP account can register perfectly on FreePBX, but refuses to register on FusionPBX... I...
  17. A

    TLS gateway failure with Service Unavailable [503].

    Greetings list, I am trying to make a TLS gateway working with my freeswitch. But it fails with below error. 2018-05-23 23:09:18.430176 [ERR] sofia_reg.c:2447 ab345b4c-b961-4d3a-97a9-f227b52a7240 Failed Registration with status Service Unavailable [503]. failure #58 Though I am perfectly...
  18. B

    Grandstream Wave QR code feature.

    4.4 supports Grandstream Wave QR code provisioning. Where is this feature at? I havent been able to find any documentation.
  19. A

    Fusionpbx HA setup NATIVE SQL ERR [no such table: sip_registrations]

    Greeting list, I have followed a nice article by DigitalDaz and everything went smoothly without any apparent error. I created an extension on the first server(Debian 8.10 with posgreSQL 9.4.7) and it was replicated on the other server. But when I tried to connect to freeswitch on the servers...
  20. N

    Best place to implement webhooks

    Dear all, I would like to ask if there is a place that we can place some code to be executed under different conditions. For example, when Call initiated Call answered Call hanged-up Call terminated. We want to have some code executed when the above events occur in order to perform an...