1. EasyBB

    Extension monitoring script- Default and Multi-Tenant

    Though I don't have any use for this script now, I know some of you have customers registering from multiple locations back to your Fusion box. The script requires that you add extensions you want to monitor. You'll only need one or two extensions per location added to the script. If you enter...
  2. Samael28

    FusionPBX - VTiger connector

    A bit news (not sure it's right thread but) We've done a FusionPBX (4) - VTigerCRM (7) connector. As of now it's doing click2call functionality + popup on incoming call (if your office phone is ringing) Used own fork of FusionPBX (based on 4.2), cause requires code change. But tried to do it as...
  3. A

    Need Help Creating A New Module.

    Hello Everyone, I am new here, i am trying to create a new broadcast type where i can upload the A numbers and B numbers separately and then when i start the broadcast campaign i can select the uploaded A numbers and B numbers that has been uploaded previously, Also i want to receive incoming...
  4. N

    Calls to Local Users Not passing

    Hi, I have installed the fusion pbx on my digital ocean server, I have created one user in domain, and user is able to register with freeswitch server. Now problem is that when we call that user, in freeswitch logs, we get the following error [DEBUG] freeswitch_lua.cpp:365 DBH handle...
  5. G

    SOLVED Inbound Calls dropping instantly

    Hello all, I've been trying to add a DDI to my FusionPBX installation, according to the logs I'm getting this error. 9f549350-33d9-4914-afe2-852f6b2a350c 2017-11-30 15:37:22.509404 [NOTICE] switch_core_state_machine.c:690 Hangup sofia/internal/<my phone number>@<My VoIP providers IP> [CS_NEW]...
  6. V

    FusionPBX with Mysql

    Hi I want to setup fusionpbx with mysql. It was there in older version but v4.x i din't find. Any suggestion will highly appreciated.
  7. S

    Enterprise Ring Group across server not working

    Hi, Enterprise Ring Group across server not working. I have registered two extensions, 1000 on server 1 and 1001 on server 2. I create one ring group and assigned 1000 and 1001 both extensions and I selected strategy Enterprise. Calls are not rung on both extensions. it would be appreciable...
  8. Andrew Pickett

    Obsessed with Fusion

    Hi Everyone This is a fantastic product. Simply cant put it down. Im also putting it in production in the UK and Ireland. Had a few session with Mark Crane and didn’t take much for me to throw Asterisk in the bin (No offence intended) Looking for any wisdom that can be passed on and...
  9. F

    Hi everyone

    I'm new to this forum and would like to start off by introducing myself and asking for some guidance. My name is Fima and I work for a small biotech company in the Los Angeles area. We've been using a Cudatel IP PBX and about 80 Polycom IP335/650 phones for five years. Over this time I've...
  10. simcard

    Kamailio, FusionPBX/Freeswitch & Presence

    We're using Kamailio as a proxy in front of FPBX, using DigitalDaz's script from another thread. We're using ODBC to connect to a database. All working fine with the exception of presence. Long story short; if we connect directly to the FBPX server without the proxy in the middle; the...
  11. J

    Connection to Event Socket failed

    In setting up my very first FusionPBX server I got this error message while going to Status then Sip Settings. I don't want to skip this step as it's on the tutorial. Anybody have any pointers? Any and all help much appreciated, Thanks in advance. JC