1. Olivia

    How to display multiple DID's as caller ID in fusionpbx

    I have obtained a pilot number and few DID numbers from my carrier with IP authentication. We are using clicktocal applicationl. We need the DID numbers other than pilot number to be displayed to agents and customers while originating calls. Do we need to create gateway and outbound route for...
  2. V

    Outbound call from internal extension is rejected

    Hello, Im new in this forum, and i thank you in advance for your help. I create and configure a fusionpbx just with a public IP (without domains) and create extention "20". When i run test call to another extention "21", i have a rejected call. Can you help please ? 2021-08-17 16:09:58.153982...
  3. N

    Call forward not work

    Hi, I am having problems with call forwards with fusionpbx, I have many clients,hotels, etc.. to whom it works correctly, but from one client in particular the call forwards do not work the server (cloud) is programmed in the same way as the others who do not have this problem. In practice, an...
  4. M

    Inbound calls do not work for me

    Hi there I'm using FusionPbx and voipms like SipTrunk. Inbound calls do not work. Error: 2f302b96-fa3b-4729-bbec-86feff65a0ea Dialplan: sofia/external/78668343xx@23.29.136.xxx Regex (FAIL) [56199272xx] destination_number(56192272xx) =~ /^(56199272xx)$/ break=on-false...
  5. H

    Voicemail Module isn't running

    Hi dear, I have installed and configured FusionPBX on Debian 9. I have done all the settings regarding voicemail and email. One issue i'm facing is that the voicemail module is not running. It gives an error (switch_loadable_module.c:1785 Error Loading module...
  6. R

    Extensions cannot make calls to the USA

    Hello, I have a very strange problem. I have several extensions from 100 to 180. A gateway and 3 outgoing routes, of those 3 routes, one is for local calls in my country, the other for international calls and another specifically for calls to the USA. Everything was working fine until suddenly...
  7. D

    Voicemail Pin - Deactivation

    At present to access Voicemail from a softphone the user has to dial *97 followed by their voicemail pin number How can we disable the "pin prompt" so that the caller can access voicemail without entering the pin?
  8. B

    Yealink T46S Call Parking

    Is it possible for Yealink phones to generate an Audible / Visual Alert when a call is parked? These settings don't appear to change anything: I have tried configuring the DSS keys in multiple ways with firmware version: Type: Call Park Value: park+*5901@domain Result: DSS Key...
  9. K

    Cisco 7911 IP Phone Registeration

    Dear Gurus, I'm looking to register my Cisco IP Phone 7911 with FusionPBX attached is xml configuration and but it is not registering with my FPBX and request is not coming to FPBX at all please check and let me know your kind feedback.
  10. arroinie

    Modern softphones integration for FusionPBX (with provisioning platform)

    Hi All, It's my first post here and I'd like to share what we are working on in Ringotel. There are lots of softphones to choose from, but when it comes to softphone deployment there are not so much for FusionPBX: users need to configure them manually, use different apps on PC and mobiles with...
  11. MattS

    Occasional - Can't Answer Incoming Calls

    I've got a strange issue at one of my FusionPBX tenants. A call comes into their main number, first to a time condition, which routes to a ring group with 'Simultaneous' ring strategy to 5 phones. On an incoming call, lifting the handset, pressing answer, etc, doesn't pick it up, just takes...
  12. S

    Change cipher TLS

    Hello, This week I'm trying to configure FusionPBX with Homer and Captagent, but Captagent keeps giving errors because the DH cipher, which is not supported (ofcourse, is used for TLS encryption. So I looked up what cipher(s) are supported, and those are these two...
  13. R

    Grandstream 2170 admin password not working

    Hi guys, I am facing issues with auto provisioning Grandstream phones using fusion .when i provision the device with the server it works fine .but after provision my admin pass not working anymore.I set a password from Default settings of the system .but that password also not working .Can...
  14. R

    disable support for UPDATE message in SIP Accept header

    Hello. I'd like to remove UPDATE value from SIP Accept header when creating SIP calls. FreeSwitch doesn't respond to that, so our provider disconnects RTP and call is dropped. Is there any way to drop that from SIP headers from dialplan? Or do I have to change source code? Or better, is...
  15. R

    Calls hang on air or hang up by timeout

    Hello, this is my first post, I will try to put the best evidence, if you need something else, I will provide it. I don't speak English well and I hope you can understand me. The scenario is as follows: DID -> FusionPBX_A -> AVAYA -> FusionPBX_A -> Callcenter-Queue I receive the call from the...
  16. C

    Retrieval of Caller-ID in Valet Parking

    Hello, Please find my below environment: Fusion PBX Version: 4.5.15 Operating System: Debian (v. 9.13) FreeSWITCH Version: 1.10.3 (64bit) Softphones that I am using: MicroSIP, 3CX, Grandstream I hosted our server in AWS and was able to make and receive calls successfully. I enabled...
  17. P

    Yealink Provisioning

    Having an issue it getting provisioning working. Went throught the docs, forums, videos, etc. ad nauseam and all variables look like they are set correctly. Rebooted Fusionpbx and no change. I setup a test install with current FusionPBX v4.5.15 master to get provisioning working with the...
  18. N

    Fusionpbx email to fax help

    Hi i am tryng to become working my fax server via email receive. I created the imap server and its working via ssl with certbot from the log i see fusonpbx connect and download the email correctly When i trigger the email to fax process https://mydomain/app/fax/fax_emails.php it say...
  19. V

    SLA - Caller ID after putting a call on hold?

    I'm looking to see if anyone has information on how to display the inbound caller-id on the display of a polycom VVX phone where the phone has more than 1 shared line. The issue is currently: Fusionpbx (recent version) VVX 350 (6.x) 1. more than 2 phones share lines: a. 101, 102, 103 as...
  20. C

    Call Limit Per Destination

    Hello I have 1 gateway with two channels, allowing for 2 simultaneous calls. The gateway has two DDI's associated with it. I have 4 handsets. There are two ring groups DDI 1 -> Ring group 1 -> 101, 102 DDI 2 -> Ring group 2 ->103, 104 I want to setup a dialplan so that each DDI can only...