Ring Group Strategy: Rollover - Question

Hi Everyone, I've looked in the official doco but can't seem to find the exact answer for the below:

  • Rollover Calls destinations in sequence and skips busy destinations.
Now we all know that if you chose 'sequence' it will Calls destinations in sequence where order that is lower goes first.

My question:- If I chose roll-over with 3 extensions in my Ring Group but leave all 3 at the same order '0' should they all ring at the same time? Because none of them are lower priority than the other 2. When I tested this theory it seemed to ONLY ring the first extension in my list even though they all had same priority.

I basically want it to ignore busy agents while still ringing all other extension that are not busy at the same time. If I chose 'Simultaneous' and one of the end points have call waiting or DND on will that treat the inbound call as a whole to be "Busy" and ignore all 3 extensions just because 1 single agent has call waiting disabled? Any advise is appreciated.
I wouldn't make the assumption this statement is correct.

A better question would be:
How can I use a ring group while ignoring DND and Follow me?

Personally, I just tell off key users in a ring group who use DND.
Thanks James, I appreciate your input however that does not help me much. I can't just "tell my customers off" for using DND