outbound calls

  1. T

    Allow specific outbound number

    Hello, Everyone, have this problem: i want to permit extension to call a specific number. In Outgoing route, i've set: tag type data break inline group order enable condition destination_number 4050 0 9 true But not working: when start the call, then immediately go down. How can i...
  2. cardinaltm

    Extensions Outbound Another Gateway

    Hello, for each user I have 3 extensions, something like 3 companies. no problems with incoming calls but how to make extension 101 call through first gateway, extension 102 call through second gateway and etc. maybe someone can suggest something. option to make 3 domains, in this case not need.
  3. B

    Outbound Calls based on Whitelist, possible? Any input?

    Customer wants me to setup certain extensions ( I guess will go thru Toll Allow) to only be able to call the allowed numbers that we whitelist for them. so for example if user 101 wants to call 888-888-1234 , it will check outbound route and if it's there it will go thru otherwise will play a...
  4. cp6183

    SOLVED 403 Forbidden

    I have a customer that is receiving 403 forbidden. they have in the office a t46s and a w56 DECT with 4 handsets. the T46s works great, however, the w56 can receive calls but can not make outbound calls. When one of the handset's attempts to make an outbound call, they receive a 403 forbidden...
  5. B

    "Outbound" route Time condition

    Good Morning, Doing a Camp Setup, customer would like to block outgoing calls after 11 Pm and maybe play a message saying "No outbound calls permitted between 11pm and 5 am" Is it possible?
  6. A

    Extensions with asterisk begining

    Hello, I am looking on creating extensions starting with asterisk like *10, *11, actually system allows me to create extensions and it is working, but I noted that corresponding voicemail is not creating since voicemail ID not accepting characters. The whole goal is to have internal extensions...
  7. 1

    Call Ringing Delay

    Hi, We have been using Fusion a while now and we have just recently transferred our fusion to another fusion server by copying the web folder and taking a dump of the db. Ever since we have done this we have a delay in dialling out which is intermittent, this is mainly to mobiles, some times...
  8. Nerdy Pbx

    Extensions cannot dial out, but Call Forward can...

    Good day all. I do hope this post finds you well? Guys I have successfully installed FusionPbx after almost 10 days of burning some night oil :) . My incoming destination seem to work okay, but my outbound has never worked. I have honestly exhausted YT and this forum, as well as the official...
  9. A

    Calling through other extension

    I have 3 extensions 100, 200, 300. I wanted to have, when 200 or 300 extensions calling to outbound external number, to have it go to 100 extension and then to outbound. And in final I will have 200 / 300 -> 100 -> external number. The logic is to have "outbound_caller_id" from extension 200 /...
  10. M

    outbound calls on Cisco IAD

    I have a Cisco IAD configured as a bridge for inbound calling. This IAD has a TDM handoff connected to an old 66 block. All the analog phones are able to receive calls, but they cant dial out. When they attempt to dial out the call gets to the FusionPBX box but it goes no where. The...
  11. A

    Outbound call using different lines

    Hi, I am trying to find the way for caller to choose which number he will use for outbound external call. EX. Caller dials number, and then choose outbound number line (it can be physical button on the phone, or maybe some keys, like <number>#1 or <number>#2). Please advise the ways.
  12. Acer76e

    Outbound Calls to Conference Call Numbers Failing ONLY

    I have an odd issue, whereas local, inbound, and outbound calls are working beautifully, but if you attempt to call a conference call system like, UberConference (401-283-4889) in this example below, automatically fails with a Originate Resulted in Error Cause: 41 [NORMAL_TEMPORARY_FAILURE] AND...
  13. K

    Cannot make outgoing calls.

    Hi, When I try to make a call from a phone connected to my FusionPBX to the outside world (my cell phone), the call either fails immediately or fails slowly. I'm not getting any errors from my SIP trunking provider (twilio) just a notice that the call failed. I've attached the output of the...
  14. P

    Outbound calls not working

    Hi, We have a set a new FusionPBX for us to upgrade from version 4.4. We already had the inbound calls working, however, our outbound calls are still not working. 1. We allowed the IP address of our carriers in ACL 2. Created outbound routes 3. Our Debian version is 9.12 4. FusionPBX version...
  15. R


    Hey experts, i am trying outbound call with TWILIO i have configured my Gateway and outbound route but when i try to call i get this "Normal_Temporary_Failure", i have attched call logs down below. Any idea what it could be?? Local SDP: v=0 o=FreeSWITCH 1582497704 1582497705 IN IP4...
  16. S

    outgoing call configuraning help

    Dear Members Greetings from me. i am very new in the fusionpbx. i am starting a project where i need multitanent feature. then i found fusionpbx. its very good project. but i am stuck in one thing. may be someone can help me please i added a outgoing sip trunk for outgoing call. its local...
  17. cengbrecht

    Special Use Caller ID

    Hey Guys, I am looking to setup caller id for special outgoing calls, for example, if the office calls a staff member number on their cell, I'd like it to show "Emergency - Customer name" on the caller ID. Is that a thing? Or am I just wishing on the stars?
  18. N

    SOLVED Outbound Calls Won't Parse Outbound Rules, code:408

    Hi Guys, My fusionpbx is unable to make any calls to the outside. On my softphone, it always show "Temporarily Unavailable (code: 480) error". In the log, I can see it went through all the regex except any outbound rules I defined. I am confused how to make it work. Below is my log...
  19. S

    SOLVED SIP Outbound CID displaying 888888888888 but trace shows true CID

    Hi We are using FusionPBX and whereas local calls made show the correct CID but the outgoing CID displayed is 888888888888. Suprisingly, the trace on my side and Service Providers shows the correct CID. Could there be a specific configurable be missing something on my side or SPs that causes...
  20. M

    SOLVED Outbound CDR

    Hello; For some reason, Fusion/Freeswitch isn't logging outbound calls to the database anymore. Inbound and internal show fine, and so do failed outbound calls, but successful outbound are not. Any ideas where I can start to look to resolve this? Thanks in advanced