softphone recommendations

I have a client that is looking to get a couple of soft phones. They would like to be able to do some type of collaboration on it (primarily chat). What would be the recommended solution for this? I would prefer something open source, but does not have to be.



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The default settings with QR code isn’t the greatest with GSWave. I have found changing to TCP, and lowering registration time helps.

Acrobits Groundwire isn’t free but works very well when used with push notifications
I find GSWave often loses registration so for free I use Zoiper, otherwise Bria.
I have found the exact same and have personally lost at least 5 customers due to the unreliability of the GSWave app. Even setting the transmission to TCP and lowering the registration time to 2 minutes still does not help. For whatever reason it almost seems like the app times out after a period of inactivity and the only way to re-establish registration is to relaunch the GSWave app.

I will take a look at Zoiper..It would be even more ideal to find something that can be white labeled. Anyone have any recommendations?
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