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    Change the Exit Action of an IVR When Reached X Times

    Right now I have a client that has calls go to a ring group, ring group exits to an IVR that gives callers an option to stay on the line or select an option number to go to voicemail, the exit action for the IVR is the original ring group. So they effectively loop from one to the other if the...
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    IVR Transfer to SIP client doesn't work, but direct transfer from DID does

    I am having a sudden problem with my setup, where I have an IVR that allows users to call extensions on the server. Upon typing this extension into the IVR, the server disconnects the call. This only happens in this unique case though. If I set the DID number to transfer directly to one of these...
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    Hi folks Is it possible for fusion to send an SMS to the caller in case they disconnect the call on the IVR? Thanks
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    IVR to another IVR

    Hello, I have configured an IVR which for example by pressing key 1 sends to a sub-IVR. The problem is that when the user dials 1 the call drops directly. While if I send the call directly to the second ivr it works regularly. Is there any additional setting to do? Thanks a lot
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    Transfer between accounts on IVR

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    Direct Dial doesn't work in IVR

    Hello everybody, I have a problem with the IVR dial direct. I have couple of extensions and couple of options in IVR menu. Client wants that caller can dial extensions directly (if know extension) so I enabled Direct Dial. When I try to dial any existing extension destination is always ext...
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    Phrases not playing

    Recently an issue appeared where when I access the voicemail it says: "Please enter your password followed by" (missing the #). Then in the voicemail it doesn't say how many new or saved messages I have, only "You have new messages, you have saved messages" Does anyone have an idea what could be...
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    IVR DTMF detection problem

    I have problems with the IVR when calling it internally there are no problems, but when assigning a trunk line the DTMF tones are not detected and it is not possible to interact, I have noticed that when the call is received, the assigned audio is reproduced and the call is not answered...
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    Large IVR, Route based on zip code

    I have a customer requesting a way for callers to enter a zip code and have their call routed to the proper office My ask 1. what is the max size IVR I can create? I created a IVR for about 600 entries and sometimes it works and other times it does not. When I access the IVR menu in the web...
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    SOLVED IVR not receiving inband DTMF

    Hi all, I have an issue with receiving inband DTMF tones on incoming call to IVR. I've set both internal and external SIP profile to dtmf-type: inband; Name Value Enabled dtmf-type inband TRUE fs_cli shows this debug message: [DEBUG] switch_core_media.c:5980 No 2833 in SDP. Disable 2833...
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    IVR prompt choice - not dialing in

    Good Morning community! I generally never have an issue with the IVR aspect of Fusion but, I have a specific client who has stated that when his customers call in and press 1 (Which is led to a ring group) - it does not always work. I have personally tried it many times without an issue. I...
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    Feature code to change a recording

    I am moving customers from freepbx over to fusion and have encountered a slight issue, I have a IVR on freepbx that has the feature codes to change recordings based on the customers needs. They use this quite a lot and would need to have something similar on fusion. I was wondering if there is a...
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    IVR recordings not showing after upload

    Hi everyone, I am having trouble uploading IVR recording(mp3 or wav) to fusionpbx in a new domain. After uploading the recording nothing shows. Any idea? Thanks.
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    IVR to Feature Code + Timeout Action

    Hi all. I have setup Fusionpbx and working on the IVR. Two queries pls: 1. I would like one of the options in the IVR to transfer to one of the "Feature Codes" (*9196) on option 1 for example. I have added *9196 XML XXX.XXX.XXX.XX in front of Option 1. But I keep hearing invalid input error...
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    Music on Hold Problem in IVR

    Hi to all, I'm having this issue with music on hold. If I set in the IVR "Ring Back" to the custom Music on Hold (local) on hold it plays always the Default music on hold. How can I cange this behaviour? Thanks a lot!
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    DTMF Problem (Digits not recognized)

    Hi, we have a problem with DTMF digits. If I configure a Cisco with a FusionPBX extension I can't access the voicemail cause it doesn't recognize the typed numbers. The only way to make it works is enable SIP Info, but the problem is that not all phones have it. Any suggestion on how solve...
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    Guide on setting up PBX

    Hello there. hope all are doing well. i need some advice so i can setup my pbx properly.. basically i will forward the end call to me and my partner mobile. what i am looking for is. 1. Customer call our office number and IVR answer with menu option. 1 for sales. 2 for support (at the moment...
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    Getting IVR to pickup on incoming DID call?

    I'm using the UI to try and get the IVR to pick up from a DID, and can't get it to work. It just rings and rings when I call it from outside. The recording works if I dial the IVR extension from inside. If I dial from outside with my inbound route set to go to an extension other than IVR...
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    Transfer During Playback

    How do you Enable user to select while audio is still playing ? I really hate this useless playback control that is interfering with the selection process of the user. Also when you have high end studio recording with options for user to select that is really long and includes background music...
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    TTS Issue

    Hopefully someone can help me out. The posts I'm finding online about this issue apply to freeswitch, and from a newbies perspective, don't apply to fusionpbx (I guess because all the config files are now in a database). The issue i'm trying to over come is that i'm trying to use "say:" with...